Ink Beasts Parade: 3 for £80

Ink Beasts Parade: 3 for £80


Choose 3 of the of the animals from the 'The Ink Beasts Parade' for £80. These bold prints were produced by American illustrator Augustus Jansson between 1903 and 1907 as advertisements for the Queen City Ink Company. The Ink Beasts are printed on an antique dictionary page from 1890. These pages display some wonderful signs of ageing, such as slight yellowing or perhaps some light foxing, which all adds to their character and charm. Each page is different, and hand printed, and therefore may vary slightly from the picture. Prints are framed with a cream mount.

Choose 3 beasts
  • Description

    Polyresin and glass frame 34cm x 25cm (13" x 10")

    Please note all dictionary prints are hand made and may vary slightly from the picture.

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