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Joyful Horse framed print

Joyful Horse framed print


"Horses be joyful in fields" this 12th century text concerning horses will be familiar to those that love these majestic animals.


Text reads:

"Horses be joyful in fields and be lively and high-spirited, and be comforted with soft voice to be ridden; and be excited to run with those that they know, and glad when they have the mastery. And so feeleth and knoweth their own lord in the field so far forth that a-rese on their lord with joy and some know their own lord, and forget mildness, if their lord be not near: and some horses suffer none to ride on their backs, but only their own lord. There are three kinds of horses: noble, good for battle and work; common, good for carrying burdens but not for riding; and hybrids, born from a mixture of two kinds. Horses are very intelligent. They may live up to 50 years. The mare loves her young more than any other animal does. Old men mean that in gentle horse, noble men take heed of four things, of shape, and of fairness, of wilfulness and of colour."

  • Details

    Plastic frame 34cm x 25cm (13" x 9.5")
    Please note all prints are hand made and may vary slightly from the picture.
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