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The Little Tennis Match - Men

The Little Tennis Match - Men

What's this???? The little people are having a game of tennis - on a tennis racket! Those crazy kids!
  • Details

    Vintage wooden tennis racket, may differ from the one in the picutre but will be very similar.
    Appx Length 66cm
    Head 23cm

  • The Process

    How do I make the little tennis match? First, I have to find vintage rackets. I try to buy  aestically interesting ones, with a touch of age and a nice insignia, sometimes they are hard to find. Often they've been in an attic for years so they need a good polish. Then the hook goes on the back so you can hang it. Grass gets glued on and tamped down next, and finally I add the figures. They're very small so I use tweezers. The rackets are amoung my best selling pieces, each one is unique. 

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