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About Little People Pictures

Pictures are all hand made and come in open editions (little people version of prints),limited editions and

original pieces/original series

Open editions

Open editions are available in 6 x 6 narrow box frames or 8 x 8 narrow box frames. They are not signed or numbered but so have a Dog & Swan sticker on the back. Because they are hand made there will never be hundreds of any particular piece made.

Limited editions

Limited editions are signed, dated and numbered on the reverse. These are usually only in an edition of 3.

Originals and Series editions

Originals will be absolute one-off pieces, signed and dated on the reverse. Original series will contain pieces which are in themselves one-offs but may form part of a series of similar pictures.

Sardine Tins

Sardine tin sculptures are open edition, but as they are also hand made, there will never be hundreds of them.


Some of the sculptures pieces are one offs, some are not, it really depends on the piece but is reflected in the price. Again, there will never be many of any individual piece. 

Our Clients

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