The Little Hikers

The Little Hikers


I love to go a-wandering along a country track, and so do the Little People.  It's 1933, Hilda and Frank have gone on one of their favourite walks with their dog Charlie and they are having a great time. Little do they know that 80 odd years later, Fiona and Nick will walk the same path on the same day, with their dog Flo. By some amazing co-incidence Flo is the great-great-great-great-great-great-granddogter of Charlie! 

Choose which scene you want:
A) Fiona & Nick OR B) Hilda & Frank

H 18cms
W 18cm
D 3cms
Limed wood and glass frame. 
Please note Little People pictures are hand made and may vary slightly from the picture, depends who's on painitng duty on any given day.

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